Last week i have recieved my Philips bdp5200 bluray player. Connect it with à hdmi hi speed cable.
The Tv recognized the player on HDMI 3 and i was able to enter the settingsmenu for a short while.
After that i've got a message "no video signal". So i've tried to play a bluray disc but that didn't work either.
So maybe the firmware was incorrect. At first there was the 1.32 firmware installed on the player. With this there was à connection with player but i could get into the settingsmenu.
So ive run the 1.35 update and now there seems to be no connection at all. Only à notifaction that the player is connected in the home menu of the tv, also à Philips 37pfl7660/12.

Ive got the same problem with the bdp5180 at first. Eventually and somehow i got it working so far that i could play à 3D disc. But then the next problem occure, while playing there was just à glimp of the movie. I have sent the player back and it was broken.

Now this, common Philips Lets make things better and help me out?