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    @Remco Stoffer:

    Same to me. I wonder how the "Documents & Data" are growing in this app. First of all some MBs but then it wastes 1.1 GB. I thought it was because the Simply Share Server was activated and the APP wanted to cache my musicfiles or something. But i deleted the app, reinstalled and first start i deactivated the server option. But its growing again.... Help !!!
    Same on ipad2!!!

    But anyway: Big thanks to philips for the continuous support/development (the myRemote app) !!! (even if they dont deliver new firmware for my great 40PFL9704H for a long, long time....!!!!!!)

    I am really intent to know if this simplyShare is running with my 40PFL9704H ...... But thats not a big problem because i own an appletv and allready can stream movies/pictures to my TV.

    I finally removed the app from iphone and ipad because its eating up my free space....
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