Dear Sir, Madam,

I use a OVH ADSL connection and i have issue with net tv

OVH is a French ISP since 2010 and RIPE gave them a new IP range which was used by a Russian operator before.

They did the job few months ago in order to clean this range of IP and make it declared in France, as RIPE, and the geo-targeting is now correct on these IP : or

But it seems that your database is not up to date, or maybe you use a filter...

Exemple : I have a 37PFL 7605 H, and when i connect to Net Tv, the displayed time ans weather is wrong : it display Russia time, not Paris time

Could you update the database(s) from your side please, or ask to your provider/hoster if you don't manage the concerned elements ?
If you get external database(s), please tell us which service(s)/provider(s) you use, so we can contact them for update.

Please confirm reception of this request.