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    Unhappy 42pfl7675H/12 no net-TV anymore

    Hi Mark (and others if they can help),

    On 6-2-2012 I send this PM to Mark (as suggested elsewhere in the forum):

    42pfl7675H/12 no net-TV anymore
    Hello Mark,

    I hope you can help me, like you could with a lot of others as I saw on the forum.
    My TV (42PFL7675H/12, SW version: Q5551-, MAC: 18-8E-D5-07-AB-27)
    won't connect to the net-TV server. This always worked before, but begin december it went wrong. After the latest sw update (begin januari: 140.46) it worked again for a few weeks but sinds about a week it stopt working again !!!!
    Resetting, clearing net-TV memory, nothing helps.

    Please make it work again.

    Thanks on forehand.
    Best regards Gerrit

    Just saw I received a PM (with no notification in my mail so i missed it) I will try the advice first an then report it here.
    Advice was: (maybe it helps others to)

    Dear Gerrit,

    To repair the issue with your TV we recommend to downgrade and reinstall the software.

    Please download the autorun.UPG file form here:

    • Put the file on a USB stick.
    • Turn on the TV.
    • Insert the USB stick in the TV.
    • Via the remote control press: Home – SETUP – software settings – local updates.
    • Select the file Q5551_0.140.34.0.UPG
    • The TV will warn you that the software is older than the one installed. Continue the process.

    After installation, restart the TV and try to access Net TV.
    Hopefully it works. You will see the loading Icon for a while, just wait until the Net TV homepage appears.

    After this it is recommended to upgrade to the latest software again.

    Go to WWW.P4C.PHILIPS.COM search for your TV type and find the latest software plus installation instructions.

    Please let me know if this was successful.

    With kind regards,
    Philips Net TV Team.

    Last edited by Gerrit van Bruggen; 02-16-2012 at 01:26 PM. Reason: new information in PM

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