Hi friends
I am using Leviton Bitwise to control my Philips TV. My tv is the 46PFL5508G model. I can't find IR hex code for it.
For example: I need to code for POWER ON and POWER OFF.
I have the code for POWER TOOGLE.

3801013400DD0600DDA2C8052E01BF01BA00DF00DD01BC00DD 00DE009701242F134432444444444442340134432444444444 442340134500

and it works.
But, sometimes, i need to Turn off all, including the tv.

I have seen a lot information about it, how that:

Button RC5 RC6 RF4CE
Power Off 0.012 0.012 0x6B
Power On 0.063 0.063 0x6C

But i can't understand.

another code that i need is HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3.

Somebody help me, please.