i would like to ask if anyone has the same experience of mkv movies not playing from USB drive. I have a few mkv movies stored on my USB hard drive, but when i try to play it it shows me the mssg "File can not be found or can not be read". Which is unusual, since in the technical part it says that the tv supports mkv files.

Also any idea why arent the folders on the USB drive shown in alphabetical order? What is the rationale behind that. And also it is quite old fashioned. Maybe Philips should look a little bit around, what you can get in other media players. I used to have a media player WD TV Live, and the beautiful thing there was, that you could see all your movies with thumbnails (even better if you also had them stored in separate folders together with movie posters...then you had your own video library). This would be a nice idea for the future! Philips come on, we as customers are a bit dissapointed.....

For a more graphical explanation see the pictures under the link below:

Thanks for the answers but i would be even more happy to see some results

I have a Philips TV 37PFL7606H.