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    42pfl7662d/12 MPEG4 to MPEG2 decoding by CI.

    Hello, that's my first post on this forum.
    I've got 42pfl7662d/12 TV.
    This TV doesn't decode MPEG4 but MPEG2.
    I bought a conventer MPEG4 to MPEG2 in CI like this: CONVERTER MPEG4 TO MPEG2
    In digital mode TV sees digital signal but can't find any services [and can't find any channels].
    TV sees this CI.

    Software version is: IdtvZapper_HW261.256_SW2.0.57.

    Questions are:
    1. is this the newest software for this TV,
    2. if not - where can I find newest and how to upgrade that,
    3. does enyone have any experiance with this CI?
    4. any other advices in that issue.


    EDIT: 19.02.2012, 9.30AM
    I backed to "first start mode" using menu button on TV and TV found digital channels. Now is only CI issue - video mode is not supported.

    EDIT: 19.02.2012, 0.30PM
    firmware: LC72ELH-1.15

    EDIT: 19.02.2012, 4.30PM
    Now I know how to upgrade firmware and I found this:
    Next question - is that true? Where can I find firmware 1.16.
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