I'm very satisfied with my HMP5000 but several things could be improved in future firmware. That's why I'm sending this post - to summarize things I'd like to have improved. I hope, that other users'll use this opportunity.

1) Sorting of folders and files during "Folder" browsing and espetially browsing using SMB network connection, because many DLNA servers cannot stream subtitles so I've to use SMB. Searching for particular file among unsorted ones to play it over SMB can be annoying.

2) It does't remember last subtitles settings so I have to change it every movie I play.

3) Volume of analogue audio output should be regulated. At least in several steps. When I connect my stereo to HMP5000, music is very loud for background playing, even if volume of my stereo is set to minimum.

I hope other users'll use this thread to advise Philips, how to improve their IMHO very interesting media player.