I have a problem connecting my Philips 8605 TV via HDMI with ARC to my Onkyo TX-NR609 A/V Receiver.

Whenever I turn my TV on, the receiver also gets turned on, or if one of them is turned off the other is also turned off. Because this is unwanted behaviour I my case I've turned Easy link off thinking it has something to do with the HDMI CEC signal. Whenever you turn off Easylink however HDMI ARC is also no longer available.

I have been experimenting with the several setups in the Eeasylink menu (turning Easylink remote off while leaving Easylink and HDMI ARC on, but this doesn't solve my problem). Any thoughts on how to solve this ?

I have tried turning Easylink off completely and connected a cable from the digital out of the TV to the A/V, but this gives a lot of lipsync issues which are not ideal as well.