I'm having a very hard time finding any info about sleep and wakeup functions on this units, and how they actually work.

I'm looking at the 3 smallest models of the Fidelio series. Philips Fidelio AS111, AS351 and the one with a square speaker behind the Phone. The usage will be solely as a sleep in device and possibly a soft wakeup device.

I need a device to play music quite low at night, so I can take the focus away from the tinnitus I was dumb enough to give my self last year. I will probably want to stream music from my server with an app that does not have built in sleep timer. So, for this to work, the app for this device either have to stop music from other apps, or the sound have to be blocked in the device it self. I'm not sure if this is possible.

I would also like to know how the wakeup functions actually work. Are there ways of setting soft start alarms that increase in size, and is it possible to restart the music playback in a different volume?

I have a Philips wakeup light today, but the stupid piece of hardware does not have logic to set one volume for the sleep in and another volume for wakeup. So it's quite useless, and I have to purchase another product.

Any thoughts and help would be appreciated!