Dear All,

I am an owner of your excellent 40pfl8505h/60 TV set. Recently I've encountered a problem with regard registration at Net TV service. When I open Net TV for the 1st time I see Terms and conditions. It is normally but when I press <Continue> (refer to screenshot it is not responding and nothing has happened. No blank screens, no error messages ... I see Terms and conditions forever until I do press <Home> on RCU.

For your information I send CSM screenshots containing exact information about serial number, firmware version, mac address and network settings. - csm1 - csm2 - csm3 - network settings

TV set is connected to Internet via router ASUS wl500g using Ethernet port. In case you want to be aware about router settings I checked Net TV when TV set was connected directly to my ISP Ethernet switch. My ISP uses DHCP. Therefore it is not a problem. You guessed right Net TV - registration screen is not responding also in this case.

Could you be so kind to check your database server for any weird issues with regard my TV set?

Best regards