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    Unhappy NP 3500 - Problems with configuration via PC

    I bought an NP3500/12 - connection to my network (Ethernet with fixed IP adresses) worked fine. What ist not or seldom working is the maintenance via PC:

    1.) The registration process was a cathastrophy. I had to enter all the dates various times, on the end I always read "the service is not available at the moment, please try again later". I tried this about 20 times within the last 36 hours, and in the end it worked once, but then under "registered devices" I found the NP 3500 three times !!!

    2.) I deleted 2 of the three devices and the tried to manage the favourites under "streaming management". The 2 favourites I have already entered manually on the device itself were displayed, but when I tried to search for new radio stations, I always ended with the message " You have to connect Your device to the network first " ridicolous, because it IS connected, is streaming radio stations, and from my PC I can easily ping it.

    Am I doing anythin wrong?? Are the Philips servers not working these days?? Or have I to return the device ??

    Your answer is greatly appreciated.
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