I've got three WAK3300's (along with some other things like a WAC3500d, a synology server, a sl400i, a BDP8000 etc.)

I'm not able to connect to a server for new firmware (guess no new firmware will be produced so not a big problem) but I'd like to be able to access streamium-management and internet radio for all three of them. Now I'm only able to connect to the internet with one, the other two don't appear in my personal philips page either. They do play music from my server(-s synology and the WAC3500) and the alarm clocks work.

I tried resetting the firmware many times already but I don't get the opportunity to re-enter my email...

Does anyone know how to fix this? Is there software to access the internals of the WAC3300 or does someone know how to re-register my WAK's?