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    Question Manually setup TV in MyRemoteApp / direct IP communication?

    Hi there

    I'd like to use our Galaxy P6800 (Android 3.2, MyRemote 2.0.1) against a 46PFL8606K(Q5551- Since we want to disable intra-BSS communication (WiFi device can't talk to other WiFi device directly) i was wondering how to setup the TV manually?

    We hook up the TV to the wired network which is fully (TCP/UDP/ICMP) reachable from wireless, but in a different IP-Subnet. The Accessoint does Routing and not bridging between, being also the end for broadcasts.
    (192.168.2.x --AccessPoint--> 192.168.1.x)

    So IP-wise, the tablet can reach the TV, Ping works.

    Is there a way to manually setup the TV in the MyRemote app? Is that way of communication between MyRemote and TV actually possible withouth broadcasting?

    if broadcasts would be necessary, how would they look like aside from dst:

    (sorry, i have a some understanding of networking but are quite new to "multi media". Just trying to figure out whether we have to sacrifice security for functionality )

    cheers & thx
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