test driving BDP3280/12 (with latest firmware v2.22) on a TV without 3D capabilities ("Haier" 24inch model, probably a LG re-labled derivate) using the HDMI connection produced a frozen player device:
* image frozen,
* playback counter on front panel frozen,
* no front panel button reaction any more (power, disc eject),
* no remote control reaction.
(but no noticeable impacts on the TV)

the player was only recovered to functionality by unplugging it from the mains for some 1 Minute (estimation) and then re-plugging it.
the player was first run in "auto" mode for 3D support, then it was set to 3D off. in any case it never made it to the main movie.

Its assumed that the negotiation sequence of the player has some bug in its firmware so that when the player _insists_ on 3D it gets into some serious trouble from where it will never be able to recover. instead of freezing and urging a lengthy power cycle it would be much nicer when in absence of a 3D capable TV simply the 3D feature for this single session would get disabled. (Thats whats auto negotiation on the HDMI video channel was anyways meant for.)

Any more hints? Any outlook on a software update that will fix this?