I own an BDP5200 together with a TV 7656 (similar to the 7606). Both are able to play and show 3D. They are connected via HDMI.

I currenlty only own only one BR-disc: Sammys Adventures - the secret passage. It has the 3d Blue ray logo on it, so I am 100% sure it is a 3D-Blue-ray.

In spite of this setup, the TV does not show the movie in 3D. I only see 2d. I use the passive glasses that came along with the TV.

The manual of the TV says it would ask me for 3D when viewing a 3D movie but it does not. In the settings of the TV I found an option to display 3D as 2D, 3D horizontally, 3 vertically. The TV responds to that and I get different pictures into different eyes (through the polarisation) when I cover each of my eyes. However, those pictures are completely out of place, so these options do not make sense to me but this seems to tell me that the TV is actually trying and able to show 3D.

Therefore I guess that the Player does not send a 3D-Signal. What could be the cause for that?
Unfortunately I do not have different disc to try out currently, but I really don't think the disc is the cause for the problem.

Did anyone experience the same thing or has an idea when the problem could be?

thanks in advance,