I bought my 7600 mainly because of its capabilities playing MKV files. My files consist of an MPEG2 video and MP2 audio stream made from DVB-S SDTV recordings.

I found out that fast forward up to 32x, chapter selection or time search only work with part of my mkv files. With other mkv files fast forward is only possible up to 4x (pressing FF on the remote results not in 8x FF speed but in jumping to the next video), chapter selection or time search immediately result in a freezed playback. The software seems to be crashed but if one presses the button "return to a previous display menu", the player returns to the file list display.

This behaviour is the same for all released firmware versions until today (1.09, 1.35, 1.42). In an earlier posting I tried to describe what the cause is and how it can be fixed.

To summerize:
  • The difficult files use a certain mkv file format element ("CueCodecState") that seems to be incorrectly interpreted by the 7600.

I still hope that this will be fixed in a future firmware release.