my problem is that I cannot get audio and video to sync, when using my AVR.

TV: 55PFL7606K/02
AVR: Denpn AVR 1612
Connected via a HDMI 1.4 compatible cable. Both are running on the latest firmware.

TV configuration: EasyLink is turned on
AVR: LipSync option is turned on

I am using the TV to watch cable tv, so the audio is sent to the AVR via HDMI/ARC. The delay between audio and video is approx. 100ms (whith video coming first!).

My questions:
1) In my TV I have the option "Tonverszögerung" (audio delay) which I cannot find documented anywhere. Is that a gerenal audio delay, or is that option turning on the hdmi/lipsync feature?
2) When I switch off lipsync in my AVR, the delay is getting MUCH better. Can it be, that the TV is sending wrong delay information?

Thanks for your help, this is greatly appreciated.