Hi all,

Its been two weeks since i purchased this awsome TV . And two weeks now iam trying to get the right colors and picture.

I found nothing over internet or someone to share there settings with me for the specific model.

Iam creating this post for 46pfl9706 so anyone who bought this expensive TV to have the chance to calibrate the colors correctly and all share our settings.

I will go first. I think iam on the right track, but then again..who iam i to know if they are correct? The picture is right to my eyes. What iam trying to do, is to have the right picture and colors,contrast brightness....etc.
Any feedbacks are welcome.

Here we go.

Smart picture: ISF NIGHT - So we unlock all settings
Backlight Contrast: 53
Brightness: 45
Color: 50
Sharpness: 4
Noice: minimum
Tint: Custom: then to Custom Tint we have : R:120 - G:122 - B: 121 - This is to my personal preferences..iam not sure if iam correct

Then is The Perfect Pixel HD section.

Perfect Natural Motion - Off - I hate how movies look when this option is ON. Is like iam watching a movie made from amateurs.

Clear LCD: OFF
Super resolution: on
Perfect contrast:minimum
Dynamic backlight: off or best picture ( havent notice any difference)
Mpeg artifact reduction: off
Colour enchansement: off
Gamma: -1
Video contrast: 93

I havent touch the experts section because i dont have a clue what to do there.

Here you go guys. Any feedbacks are welcome. I would like to see what settings you guys are using and your happy with it.

*sorry for my poor english