I'd observed, that since changing to new SmartTV-Portal various MP3-Streams of small stations aren't correctly handled by NetTV. When choosing such Streams in TuneIn-Application I often got "Stream Error" (and also when calling the different TuneIn-Application via hbbig!) Many other stations where working correctly on my TV during this problems.

But Streams were correctly running when calling via RadioTime-App using various other, non-Philips devices, but the same Internet connection! And one of the streams I'm operating myself so I now, he was working...

About ten minutes later they did work as usual earlier even on my TV.

Assume now Streams are cached and it takes too long to connect by any kind of NetTV-Proxy or -cache if they weren't in Use by othe NetTV-users? Could that be the matter? Is this a limitation of 2009-Devices? Or does this occur also with newer devices?

With old NetTV-Portal I didn't observe this effect, but may be I called only Stations called before by others?