Hello Together !

I got a NP-3900 to replace an other player which HMI really bothered me ...

So far the NP-3900 seems to work quite well, but I stumbled over two things regarding the mymedia section (I hope this is the right translation from the German menu. It's where you put in internet-links to own media or special webradio stations):

I entered plenty (like 70) own stations here. Now, how can I sort them? In the streamium-management they are nicely shown in alphabetical order, but on the NP-3900 they seem to be in the order I entered them (which does not really make any sense). Is there a way to change this?
Second thing: I'd like to search within these stations. When I use the search button int the 'mymedia' section, the device seems to search within the streamium internet-radio stations, not even considering 'mymedia'. Is that how it is supposed to be ?