My second set of DS9800W (bought 2 pairs) has just died with the same red flashing.

Not possible to reset and cutting power will not fix either.

I already sent this one in once and will have to send it in again. The other pair died 1,5 months ago and I'm still struggling with the Danish Philips department to have it replaced.

Please somebody address the situation! This is the third time I will have to send back a pair of DS9800W and I suspect what will happen is that I'll recieve another pair and then they will die too in 3-5 months. This situation is really not sustainable. Please fell free to contact me with any technical questions - I would love to help the engineers out - but Philips really needs to begin to effectively address the situation through an altered electronic design or updated firmware! It must be possible to find the component that shorts out.

(PS: The last two pairs of speakers that brooke were updated with firmware