I've bought the 42PFL4606H 6 months ago, after about a month, the TV started intermittently rising the volume on its own to the maximum value (40), the red LED that signals that the TV is receiving signals from the remote keeps blinking.
This continues for several minutes, when powering off the TV, it turns itself back on and continues with the erratic behavior.
I've tried blocking the IR receiver to eliminate any cross talk with other devices' IR, but this does not help.
Israel's Philips service center don't know how to solve this, they did not see the issue when it was in the lab, and apparently made some preventive fix in the SSB card along with a firmware update, but still this happens (lower frequency, but still does).

As this is a new TV(6 months) and has already needed 6 visits by technicians due to this issue, is there anything else I can do or guide the guys at the lab what to do with this, because I think they are clueless.

I'll appreciate any help you can offer.