Hi there,

I am seeking some advice. I have a WAC7500 and 4 WAS7500 in my set up. I am very happy with what I have, especially once I found WACHandler via the Stremium Cafe predecessor of this site, which significantly improved the management of the HDD.

So here is my problem. Put simply ... I have too much music, and I am quickly approaching the capacity of my HDD with only 2.5GB of storage left. So I need to make a decision on what to do.

Could someone please comment on whether either of these options is possible:

1) Is it possible to increase the memory of the WAC7500? Please bear in mind I am not technically minded, so preferably a 'plug in' solution.

2) assuming (1) is not possible, are any of the subsequent Stremium products (with 160Gb HDD) compatible with the WAS7500 stations?....and if so which, and would I lose any functionality like broadcast or music follow me?

Any advice would be greatly received. thanks