i am new here.

I have a special Problem from Time to time with my Philips 37PFL9606. I have it since Aug 2011.

The Problem is: From Time to Time (That can be weeks or Months) a Port gone from the Home Menu.

That was in the past a HDMI Port or a EXT Port.

Normaly it where no Problem to put that Think in the Home Menu. But when it is so the TV don't reset the internal reservation.

At last its gone 2 HDMI Ports there.

It was the HDMI 2 and 3 Port. On 3 It was the PS3 Slim and on HDMI it was the XBox 360.

With a lot of work with the Easy Link i get the PS3 to the Home Menu again. But the XB360 doesn't work there again.

With the Sources Button i get all HDMI Ports in all the Time. But not on the Home Menu.

It is not Possible to bring there the Ports HDMI 2 and 3 again on the Menu.

The only way to bring it again is to made a complete TV Setup again. But that is a lot of work.

Can you please tell me what is going wrong with my TV?

Is it a Software bug or a problem with my TV?

On the Ports works:

PS3, XBox360, a Samsung BRP and a SONY HDD/DVD Recorder.

I have chaged all Firmwares in the time again and again. Now i have the 14.96 on it.

Can you please help me?