It took me a while before I figured out how to play 3D blu-rays on my Philips PC using the blu-ray drive of my PC. To save others from this trouble, I thought I'd share.

My setup
PC with Nvidia Geforce GTX 560, connected over HDMI to a Philips 42pfl7656

Nvidia 3DTV Play
Don't waste your time on figuring out how to use Nvidia's 3DTV play drivers. Although Nvidia 3DTV play is great for playing games in 3D using your 3D TV, it is not required if you just want to watch 3D blu-rays. In fact, the drivers may interfere with other software, causing a "blue screen of death". So in case you do have Nvidia's 3DTV Play, you should disable it for the steps mentioned below

Playback software
I tried both Arcsoft Totalmedia Theatre 5 and Corel WinDVD Pro 11. Both have trial versions and both seem to work. I prefer Totalmedia Theatre, since it has an option to switch the left and right eyes, which may be usefull for some blu-rays.

How to play 3D blu-rays
Once your TV is connected to the PC over HDMI, you can extend the windows desktop to the TV. When starting the playback software, just drag it to your TV. It is important that you do this before you start the movie, so the software recognizes that it's displaying on your 3D TV.

Now, before you continue, you should adjust the aspect ratio of the TV to "No scaling".

Then, before playing the movie, enable 3D in the playback software. Select "interleaved" or "micro polarised lcd display" or something similar. In Totalmedia Theatre you should set the following 3D settings:
General settings:
  • Always play Blu-ray in 3D
  • Always play movies in 3D
  • Auto-detect lay-out of source

Display environment:
  • micro polarised lcd display

Then maximize the screen, hit play and enjoy your 3D movie!

Hope this is helpfull.