Using the latest FW (Q5551- on my 32PFL6606H/12 TV.

I have the TV for 3 months now and wanted to report numerous bugs and problems ever since, but as I am quite lazy person, I was hoping that the bugs will be fixed in FW upgrades. Well, that DID NOT happen, although I upgraded 3 times already. The TV is nice looking, it has many cool features, but the SW is so buggy that I finally decided to give the TV to my mother who do not use any features and just watches TV. I will buy some other TV brand, Philips disappointed me - deeply. No wonder there is a pending petition for a better FW on this forum.

I don't know where to start, there are SO MANY issues! If you have some public JIRA or Bugzilla or something similar, please let me know, I am a SW developer and I can fill in the bugs for. Anyways, below please check at least several bugs that annoy me most.

1. USB playback - that is truely pathetic. In fact, being unable to watch the end of the Avatar movie (1080p x264 mkv) an hour ago finally made me to complain on this forum. Just set it to fast forward (or rewind) for a few seconds and the playback freezes. There is no way to recover. Usually it is possible to return back to the TV mode and play the movie from the beginning. Unfortunatelly I forgot this bug and rewoud a few seconds at the very end of the movie. Damn you guys... By the way, why there is only ONE speed for FF and rewind when playing from USB? Why don't you have the same UI as for the time shift feature - there you can FF at 2x, 4x, 8x etc.

2. USB playback subtitles - another disaster. MKV subtitles does not work at all. SRT subtitles are joke. They are not loaded automatically, they are too small, ugly (white on solid black background), bad alligned (too much to left, multiple lines not centered) and they use only one hardcoded encoding, so the diacritics are displayed incorrectly unless I convert all the SRT files to that only supported encoding. My former LG TV allowed me to change size, style, position and encoding and the defaults were pretty acceptable. Even my old Manta DVD player (from 2007!!!) can display the subtitles much better than Philips 2011 model. It even allows me to select among different subtitle files, which is a feature that Philips users can only dream of.

3. Remote control does not have EPG and program info buttons! In order to display program info, which is something people do ALL THE TIME, I have to press TEXT button for 3 seconds - simply unbelievable. There is a faster way - OPTIONS + OK on "What's on" item. This may be done in 2 seconds with luck. As for the EPG, you have to press HOME, move right on the "Programme guide" item and then OK. 5 seconds if you are really fast. On the other hand, there is a bunch of unnecessary buttons, like FIND or ADJUST. OK, I can understand that SW developers are not responsible for the design of the remote control. But would it be such a huge problem to bind some of these so often needed features to some of the unused buttons? Why does the blue button do nothing? It could display the program info. And EPG could be triggered by up arrow for example.

4. The Internet EPG does not work correctly for many of the Czech channels. The displayed programme simply does not match reality. For some programs it is correct, for others it is one week delayed and for some I was not able to determine the time skew - they are simply wrong. In overall this means that I can't use the Internet EPG at all, because it can't be trusted. Therefore I am using the broadcasted EPG which at least displays correct information. On the other hand, it is NOT possible to record anything when the broadcasted EPG is selected for some weird reason. So I can't use the recording feature either - how cool. When speaking about the broadcasted EPG, there is another rather small but really annoying imperfection. When I move the cursor in the program table and want to see program details, then I have to press OPTIONS, scroll down and select "More Info" item, which is SECOND in the list. On the first place there is "Change day", which is something I haven't EVER used. Both internet and broadcasted EPG GUIs are bad. Internet EPG is slow and ugly with many minor bugs that I won't rather enumerate here. But at least there is a preview and recording options. With broadcasted EPG you can neither preview nor record anything.

5. Time shift does not work for Radio channels. If I pause the radio, then the timeline appears, but it is not possible to rewind or resume delayed playback. At the end I am lucky if I can resume the realtime radio playback, often I end up with silent black screen and have to switch channel to make it playing again. For TV channels it works (sort of)... Sometimes the sound gets distorted when there is a short signal strength glitch and I have to elaborate with pause, rewind and play to fix the audio. Several times the time shift was terminated (and recorded part destroyed) while I was like 30 minutes delayed - extremely annoying experience! You can't do anything while in time shift mode. If you want to check the EPG for example, then you lose all the time shift recording, even if you actually don't switch to other channel.

There would be much more to complain about, but I believe that my post is already long enough. I rather didn't many experiments with the advanced features like DLNA. Please do something about the problems above, these are pretty basic stuff that everybody expect to be working.