New user, enjoying the device so far, but have the following concerns about music playback:

1. If the player is not locked, then playback is interrupted by every change in device orientation (e.g. from portrait to landscape) and the item playing re-sets to the beginning. This is huge! The only apparent fix is to lock the player, but this option has problelms:
2. Locking the player should not blank out the screen -- I should still be able to see the progress bar, etc. (my Sansa FUZE operates this way.)
3. Clicking the Songbird play widget on the Home screen produces a screen view of the player WITHOUT a progress bar; opening Songbird and finding the player view that includes the progress bar takes too many steps and also interferes with playback (e.g., resets play to beginning of media.) Playback screen with adjustable progress bar should be the default view.

Any of these things may have a fix / adjustment that I just haven't found yet; suggestions welcome. Otherwise, please consider these points for product upgrade.