I have a problem.

since a month my MCI 8080 and also my NP3700/12 can't get access anymore to my NAS (A western Digital Share Space) ALso they can't get access to my Laptop (who is also DNLA ready) anymore. before all that had functioned. Both audio players tell me the Firmware is actual. also the Firmware of my Share Space and my Router ( an ASUS RT-N56U) are on the actual one.

I tried WiFi Connection also as Lan Cable. Internet Radio functions. My MCI 8080 will also break down when searching through the local USB Storage.

It isn't a problem of my WiFi Network, as all other diveses work well (Printer, SMartphone, Desktop, Laptop, EyeTV Netstream DTT), and it was more or less from one day to the other when it hasen't functioned anymore.

What could I do? will the problem be solved with a next firmware update?