I have an HDT8520

HDT8520/05 S/N UJ111044031821

For a while now recording has been intermittent. Programmes I was 'sure' I'd set to record hadn't; the first few times I suspected I'd forgotten, or had done something wrong.

In the last week though, it's DEFINITELY not me!

Friday night, I was recording two programmes, watching one of them. I could see that it was recording both. Next day I went to watch the one I hadn't been watching and it's not in the recorded programme list. Nor is the one I was watching.

Yesterday, F1 wasn't recorded. If I scroll backwards on the Tv Guide, I can see that it's set to record.

It's still recording SOME scheduled recordings, but not all.

Anything I can do, or is the unit faulty. It's about 5 months old.