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    Some questions before buying a NP3700/12

    Dear all,

    before I'm going to buy a NP3700/12 I've some questions:

    1. Is NP3700/12 able to receive the following Internet Radio Station: Di.FM Eurodance (maybe with another URL?)?
    2. Is the above mentioned station available in NP3700/12 as a standard or is it possible to add the station manually?
    3. When listening to the above mentioned internet radio station: Are artist(s) and song title(s) shown in the display while listening to this radio station?
    4. Where do NP3700/12 gets the standard radio stations from? Is it vtuner, reciva or an other radio station list?
    5. Is it possible to add/view/see podcasts?

    Can anyone test / verify this with his NP3700/12?

    Thanks in advance.
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