Hi all,
i just bought a 37PFL7666H/12 (France) and i am satisfied with this TV set.
I complemented it with a home made mediacenter, that i use to record TV programs. I want to use the usb recording feature of the TV to enable timeshift. To do so, i connected a SANDISK 32 Gbit USB Key (model SDCZ52-032G-B35), the description of which can be found here :


The TV formatted the key, then made the write performance test, and the conclusion was "this drive is not fast enough to
enable timeshift" !!

Quite a strange result for a flash drive ! According to the user's manual, the requirement is a disk with a minimum write speed of 30 Mbit/s. This usb key achieved more than 100 Mbit/s when i tested it on my computer.

Did anyone have a similar problem ? Can anyone suggest a alternate usb key that proved to work correctly in this context ?
Thank you