I'm using the Philips WiFi dongle to connect the TV (55pfl7606 latest FW96) to the Internet and for streaming I connected the laptop with a UTP cable.
It looks like that the TV does not support a dual NIC configuration and I have to switch between the options Wired or Wifi. The problem is that I also cannot use a IP subnet for the interconnection. The IP information is used for both NIC's. In that case the TV Internet connection has the same IP as the PC interconnection and routing issues will occur.
It's very strange that I cannot setup each NIC with a different subnet and have two connections at the same time.
I cannot find any option to implement this setup and it looks like that there is only one TCP stack available.
In mine opinion it's very strange to have only one TCP stack for multiple NIC's.
Do I miss something in the menu's ? Is this a bug ?

Question :
How to connect the WiFi on / 24 gw and
connect UTP with / 24 (Will automaticaly route to the laptop on no gateway needed.

I hope someone has a solution for this problem or Philips has to make things better !