Hello guys!

I bought last week a television. It is a philips 37pfl7606 but i am desperating cause since then I am trying to connect television to my pc so I can see there my movies (with subtitles) that I have in my computer.

Television pfl7606 has a internet cable directly on there. That cable is coming from my router thomson TG784n.

My problem is that when I go to the TV and look for devices it appears my router wireless thomson and appear there several folders (music, pictures, video files and browse). It turns out that none of that folders have files inside and I dont have any idea how to access my router wireless and to that folders.

I went to windows media player and turned on media streaming. Nothing happened on TV!

Curiousily, at wmp12 in "other libraries" appears my router wireless. However I cant send any file to there cause dont let me. Looks like it is blocked and it is not possible to add files from there. I can add files in my "private" library but that doesnt appear in my television. And that is what I liked!

As you all can see my mother language ir is not english but I hope you understood my problem and can help cause I am desperating!