Hello Philips!

The Fidelio App is a really slow / low Performer - esp. when using the Internet-Radio!
It takes several (up to 5) seconds to switch from one MenŁ to another and you get no feedback, if the App has recognised the User-Input, or not - so this is very bad Ergonomics!
An Update of the App for speed- and Ergonomics-Optimization is very(!) necessary!
When will be there an optimized Fidelio-App available?

And why it is not possible to wake up with an Internet Radio-Stream?
And why it is not possible to Store some (1-5) Internet-Radio Stations as Favorites?

As another User mentioned before the Fidelio AS111 Amplifies the Mobile-Phone Data-Interference and makes it impossible to fall asleep while the Smartphone is Connected to the Net-Provider. So the only work-around for me is to switch off the Connection to the Net-Provider, which in return diables me from beeing reachable by Mobile-Phone in the night. It is so obvious that this is annoying i cant understand why the Philips Engineers did not suppressed the Interferences by additional Electronics and i suppose it wont be possible to fix this, because its a Hardware-Issue of the AS111.

In total i would everyone advise against purchasing the Android Fidelio Docking Station AS111.