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    Quote Originally Posted by franzl79 View Post

    same Problem here (Philips 40PFL7605 with KabelBW CI+ Modul).

    Very serious problem - even worser with the new firmware 47.

    Hi Stefan,
    can you tell me what kind of Home Theatre System you are using?
    I am using a Sony DAV-DZ330. In the past i thought this may is a problem of the combination of the TV and the Sony HTS.

    On every tuesday i can be sure to test if the problem still existing.
    I just have to watch Dr. House on RTL and after a while (half an hour, 40 minutes or something like that) the problem occurs. First the sound is stuttering and then i have sound problems like double sound output, stuttering, sound is up to three seconds "delayed" to the picture and this is really, really annoying and drives me crazy.

    I have no idea what to do to get rid of the problem.

    The Philips support told me in the past that such a problem is not known (i am the only one with such a problem ) - but it's weird if you search around the web you can find a lot of people having such problems. So i still think this is a problem of the TV (and hopefully will be fixed).

    In the beginning/middle of the last year i did not have such sound Problems - i guess this problem came with some firmware changes.


    PS: I can confirm that the problem got worser with the firmware 47 (tested last tuesday 24.04.2012 - unfortunately)
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