Dear All,

Further to my purchase of a BDP7600/12 Player, I attempted to install it, including the WiFi feature (adding it to my local Network).

As my Network is setup as "infrastructure", meaning that I don't take advantage of the router's DHCP feature, nor do I allow it to broadcast the network's (SSID) name, I have to manually enter all relevant connection data (SSID, password, gateway address, mask, fixed IP address, DNS-es, ...) into each component that is to adhere to the Network, the BDP7600/12 included.

Regretfully, I failed to find a way for manual setup of the Network data for this Player (only a "wizard" that attempts to discover by itself the Network, attempt that will always fail, as the Network does not broadcast its name! And even if I were to allow it to broadcast the SSID, it would fail at getting an IP address ...)

Could you advise?
(incidentally: I had no trouble at all adding my 46PFL9704H/12 TV to the WiFi Network, by manually setting up all relevant data)

Thanks in advance for any support you may provide,


Eric Trattner