Dear All,

This follows my recent purchase of a BDP7600/12 Player.

For keeping local info (needed -- at least -- for NetTV & BDLive) it can use an SDHC Class 6 memory card.

It also needs to FORMAT that card the first time it accesses it, during the play of a BluRay disc.

And here's my problem: the User's Manual states that the card should have a capacity of at least 4GB; I tried using a 32GB card (Class 6, of course!), and by the time the Formatting process almost finished, the Player switched already to a StandBy status, and got stuck ... (only by disconnecting it from the mains I was able to bring it back to life)!

I had no problem with a 4GB card, the formatting of which finished prior to the Player's changing operational status.

So my questions are:

1. Is this a bug in the formatting option of the Player?

2. If so, and until it is -- hopefully -- fixed, can the card be externally formatted (say, in a PC/Laptop)? If so, what parms (File structure, label, block size, ...) would be accepted by the Player?

On a side-note: it would be nice to offer an option to Format the card from the Settings menu, and not only as a by-product of accessing another function (like playing a BluRay disc or accessing NetTV) ...
Maybe in an upcoming Firmware update

Thanks in advance for your help,


Eric Trattner