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    Are external devices (HDMI, Easylink) able to change picture format and settings?

    Now I'm wondering about the other way around. Of course there is "Pixel Plus Link", that makes sure no picture enhancements are being done twice. If the tv can do the same tricks the external HDMI device (BDP in this case) can do, "Pixel Plus Link" favors those on the tv and disables the techniques on the BDP.

    But what if EasyLink is being disabled on the HDMI device, while still enabled on the tv itself? Is "Pixel Plus Link" linked to EasyLink and also disabled in this case, causing possible picture problems?... Or is "Pixel Plus Link" still being used, even though EasyLink is Off on the external (BDP) device?...

    Can anyone, Philips in particular, shed some light on this?...

    Thanks in advance!
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