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    Scaling-desaster: Wii/GCN/PS2 to Philips LCD via YUV-cables


    I have a Philips 42PFL5405H/12, but I guess owner of other types may help me as well.

    I'm connecting my Gamecube, Playstation 2 and Wii with component cables (YUV) and I just don't manage to get the right scaling! Neither Gamecube games (generally 4:3) nor Wii games (generally 16:9) fill the screen properly. There always are black borders on the top and on the bottom (4:3) or on the left and on the right (16:9). Alternatively I manage to fill the screen while losing parts of the picture...

    Oh yeah, to prevent one question from the beginning: I, of course, know, that borders on the left and on the right are necessary for proper 4:3 .

    My problem is that I can only choose between some ready-made scalings like "Auto zoom" or "Super zoom". For HDMI sources (Xbox 360, PC, Mediaplayer, DVD-Player) I can choose "Unscaled" to reach a proper fullscreen picture (or perfectly fitting 4:3 picture).

    I was thinking about a YUV-to-HDMI-converter to be able to choose "Unscaled". But unfortunately such a converter is expensive, needs a power supply and converts only one single input...

    I familiarised myself with the subject "Overscan" because I thought it may help - but it didn't... (Overscan is configurable via "Screen edges" in the picture configuration.)

    For my testing I chose a game for which I am 100% certain that it has a 4:3 signal: The Gamecube version of The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess

    Here are my settings and what they caused to the picture:

    Screen edges = 0:
    The black borders are even bigger now...

    Screen edges = 10:
    They are more narrow, but not gone - a higher setting than 10 is not possible

    Auto fill:
    - Parts of the screen get lost on the top and on the bottom of the screen
    - The borders on the left and on the right are too narrow to be proper 4:3
    - I don't think that the aspect ratio is fine, the picture looks "squeezed"

    Auto zoom:
    - This setting seems to be the closest to a proper 4:3 picture
    - Unfortunately there are still some thin borders on the top and on the bottom of the screen (they get thinner if you raise the setting "Screen edges")
    - At the pseudo-widescreen cutscenes of the game this setting zooms to 16:9 and goes back to 4:3 after you are "ingame" for a while again. That's quite annoying...

    Super zoom:
    - I don't see any difference to "Auto fill"

    Movie expand 16:9:
    - Rubbish in case of 4:3... Big parts of the screen get lost on the top and on the bottom...
    - ...while there are still borders on the left and on the right!

    Wide screen:
    - Everything gets distorted to 16:9...
    - ...while there are still borders on all 4 sides!

    - This mode can be used if you switch "PC mode" to "On"
    - Imagine an unscaled 640x480 picture on a 42" 1080p screen - just a little box in the middle of a black screen!

    After some research I came to the idea to switch off all picture optimiser, that I could find (mainly at the Pixel Plus HD menu)... But after that I couldn't see a difference (except for worse picture quality).

    My personal conclusion:

    The scaler of the Philips LCD is just ill-conceived. Full stop. There won't help any settings.

    The best solution is probably to choose "Unscaled" and get the scaling done by an external device...

    Without an external device the best settings, in my opinion, are:
    - Auto zoom
    - Screen edges = 10

    The problem also occurs on other inputs like VGA.

    Xbox 360, HD Player, PC and DVD Player don't cause any problems wit the setting "Unscaled" because they do the upscale by themselves. The 3 video game consoles (Wii, GCN, PS2) don't seem to be able to do that.

    As I'm sure that I'm not the only person that connects consoles via YUV, I'm asking you all:

    Do you have the same opinion? Do you even have the same problems? Or is there a solution for my "misery" ?

    I'm looking forward for your answers and I would be happy about any help!

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    The Gaming systems you are using are based on older analog systems, meant for CRT, not LCD or Plasma. This means that a lot of games for those systems did not use the entire screen; they were Underscanning, to make up for the usual amount of Overscanning on the average CRT screens.

    Nowadays the effect is that even with the max. Overscan setting of 10, on some games there still remains a little black edge. Some later games, the ones that didn't use Underscan, can fill up the entire screen though, even with Edges set to 0.

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