Hi Everyone,

Since a few weeks a proud owner of above combo (47pfl7696 with HTS 9520).

Everything works fine but a have a problem with getting the TV-sound to work over the HTS speakers.

I have connected it with a HDMI cable (no. 1 for ARC).

Every setting with respect to easylink / CEC is on at the moment, but no sound from the speakers at all.

A DVD disk / CD works fine so the speakers itself work.

In the TV-menu a change the setting from "TV-speakers" to "Receiver" (Versterker in dutch)". After a few seconds I get the message "connection failed, switching to TV-speakers".

What am I doing wrong? I am using the HDMI cable which was supplied with the HTS9520 system so this should be OK.

I know I can connect with optical cable but first really want to get it worked with HDMI.

I have updated to the latest firmware through a LAN connection both the HTS and the TV

Your help is highly appriciated!