I am new to the whole media connect concept and I am having difficulty getting set up. I have the 4000 series media connect philips 32" tv. I have wireless in my home. New to that as well but it tells me it is working and I have verified that. I cannot get the TV set up to run the apps. We do not have cable tv at the house. We are going to be using the tv mainly as a monitor for our computer but we would also like to be able to use the netflix or net tv functions as well. I have followed the steps from the quick guide and when I went to the wifimediaconnect.philips.com to download the software it asked for the tv model number well 40" is a small as it goes. I have a 32" so I just chose the 40" It is showing up on my computer but it will not let me project to tv. When I try to use one of the features it says either the network is not responding or it says that the LAN feature is invalid. When I downloaded the information on the computer should I have put the dongle from the back of the TV into the computer. I am so confused right now. Can I reset everything and start over from scratch. If yes how do I do so? And can somebody give me step by step directions. Really want my apps to work. One reason we bought tv was for apps. Thank you all so kindly for any responses.