Hi all,

I recently bought a DVP 3880 for my PFL6606K/02. I connected them with HDMI. When I power off my TV and then start the two devices again, the DVP is no longer visible on the home screen. The picture is visible though. The sound has constant drop outs though 1-2 seconds missing every 10 seconds.

I applied the latest firmware from 09-03-2012 to the TV, but no changes were noticable.

I found a work around that hopefully gives a hint about the root cause. If I navigate to the TV Configuration Easylink menu and then switch off and on the Easylink feature, a kind of reset seems to be triggered. The TV goes black for 2 seconds and then comes back with picture and sound fully operational. Also the DVP 3880 entry appears backon the Home screen.

Did anyone else has a similar issue?
TIA for any helpful hints.