I noticed on 22 March a new software 1.27 MCU 5.05 was posted for the HTS 8562/12. The new software claims to resolve abnormal cracking sounds. I did not have any problems with cracking sounds with this HTS but installed the update anyway.

I use the HTS together with the wireless module RWSS5510/00 for the rear speakers and I noticed that you can hardly hear the rear speakers after the update. The volume of those back speakers have been toned down it seems and is hardly noticeable. I also tried a calibration with the new software loaded and the difference in volume during the calibration between the front and the rear speakers is huge. Seems that all the front speakers have the same output volume (i.e. +6db) while the back speakers have only half of the volume during calibration (i.e. +3db). The results of the calibration are also not correct. The distance after calibration is also way off chart.

So I loaded the old firmware and did a new calibration and all speakers have the same output volume during calibration and the speaker distance is as it should be.

I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I use the wireless module, but I think something is wrong as you can never properly calibrate the set with the new firmware and your set turns to a 3.1 HTS instead of a 5.1 set.

I wonder if someone from Philips could comment on this, and I also wonder if other users also noticed a change in volume of the rear speakers with this new firmware.