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    32PFL7606D/78 Serial HC111122057879, PHILIPS device registered on the site. The purchase was a function of the device has ambilight spectra II, and could recording programs.
    Regarding the recording of TV programs I was informed that the unit does not arouse the system owned, so I had to record the shows in person.
    Regarding the ambilight unfortunately not considered a serious problem in the beginning, but over time I understood what you mean SPECTRA II, so I began to compare with the TV in the living room which is an ambilight 42PFL, older model .
    I have always sought to update the software but had never entered the discussion forums, which I did now.
    What I notice is that the product is good as an ordinary TV set, but I could not write any TV show, after all if I have to stand before him to write, because I'm already watching it burn?
    Is it very difficult for the technical staff of PHILIPS add a program to "wake up"? defining the weekday start time and end?
    - What do I do with my "TV set" does not work that increased the Spectra II?
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