I have recently taken delivery of a Phillips 46 PFL 9706 and after my disastrous experience with the 9705 I am largely happy with my new television.

However I am utterly disgusted at the attitude taken by Philips of the company towards the Irish television market not only has Phillips decided to pull out of the Irish market but they have totally to only neglect their Irish clients by refusing to include the Irish digital television platform within their software upgrades. The Irish digital television platform is fully recognised, fully operational, and finally included in other high-end brands such as Samsung and LG. So why not Phillips?

I am fed up looking at software upgrades from Philips telling me about crosstalk been repaired to the Scandinavian market and digital channels been included for every other market. What are your upgrades for the Irish market my 9706 has to be set to the UK settings to receive any form of the Irish digital set-up., , Come on Phillips! Is it that difficult to listen to your Irish customers? Is it that difficult to implement some changes to your high end television for which we the customer has paid a lot of money for that will satisfy the Irish television market.

I have being a Philips customer for the last 12 years have had several interfaces with your customer service department ,your front-line support I have found to be polite and courtiers their ability to satisfy my queries with my 9705 and probably now with my 97061 shortfall short of my expectations.

On my new 9706 I must set it to UK to get digital channels, the record function as per your product specification does not work, the 3-D ghosting issue that was most prevalent in 19705 is equally as prevalent in the 9706.

I await with interest the response to this communication however I will not hold my breath as I value my life.

My phone number and full contact details are in my profile ID should someone who can actually deal with my queries think that dealing with a customer on a one-to-one basis is what they're paid to do.