the current super ultimate HTS9140 soundbar is advertised with DLNA functionalities, but actually it has just DLNA-Player (DMP) and not DLNA-Renderer (DMR) implemented. This causes that the network functionality is just intricate:
1.) Switch on the TV
2.) Select the right input source at the TV
3.) Navigate through the menu of the soundbar
4.) Search and explore the files on the PC with the TV remote (which is very inconvenient and takes some time)
5.) Select and play the file or playlist
6.) Switch off the TV (and hope that the soundbar will not switch off along with the TV). Otherwise it would cost more electricity and could damage the TV.

Process with DLNA-Renderer (DMR):
1.) Select the file or playlist via the PC (which is already switched on to host the DLNA-Server) or mobile phone or another DLNA compatible device
2.) Select "Play To" and the soundbar device from the context menu
That's it. No unnecessary TV device between the devices, no complicated menus, etc.

The DLNA-DMR functionality was already realized by Philips with the network players (for example NP3900) so that should actualy not be complicated.

That is the most important point at the moment which prevents me from buying the soundbar and there seems also not to be a successor soundbar which is "really" DLNA compatible. Can a solution (firmware update) be expected for HTS9140?

Thank you in advance.