Hi to everyone,
I have a Philips 46pfl8606m/08 and I have problem with the devices added to the menu.
The problem is really simple, the devices have disappeared from the menu of the tv and there's no simple way to make them return there.
I had two device added, ps3 on hdmi3 and a sat receiver on hdmi2.
I have manually added the sat receiver while the ps3 was automatically recognized by the tv.
However suddenly the two devices have disappeared from the menu.
The only way to watch the sat receiver is to click on "Source" and choose HDMI 2 .
I can't add again the sat receiver because if I start the procedure to add the device, HDMI 2 doesn't appear between the options, like it's already added.
It seems that HDMI 2 is still associated to the sat receiver, but it doesn't appear anymore in the menu. In fact when I click on "Source" and choose HDMI 2, on the TV i can see the written: "Sat receveir" appear.

For the ps3 I solved the problem disabling and re-enabling the hdmi-cec option on both devices (ps3 and tv). This is really frustating and it's not the first time it happens to me.

Googling around I've also found this:
It seems a problem similar to mine.
Hope in answer from someone,

Ps: Sorry if my English is not too good