Hi, I didn't want to hijack the other thread about searching for tv on network. Plus theirs was working at one time. I haven't had such luck. I have 46PLF5706. I verified that my software is the latest since i get "software in your tv is a newer version" I can connect to net TV just fine. I'm using a wireless connection. Verified that firewall is allowing Wi-fi media connect. Have it installed on 3 computers. Two have windows 7 and 1 is running Vista. I read all i could find and there was one stating to Make sure TV is set to show external media files. Go to 'home', 'setup', 'network settings', and select 'show PC media files'. This must be set to 'on'. Show pc media isn't a option. The internet option was one of the selling points for me and not being able to use it has me wishing i kept my money in my pocket. Anyone have any ideas on how to correct? Thanks.