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    Portable Blu-ray player PB9001/05 - Issues with what files and media are supported

    I've just got a PB9001/05, and I'm pretty pleased with it, especially at the bargain £135 I got it for. But I'm finding some oddities in what it will and won't play. It seems fine with commercial Blu-rays and DVDs, but it's a bit hit-and-miss with homegrown stuff.

    The spec I downloaded from the Philips site says it plays BD-R/RE 2.0s. But the manual with the unit doesn't mention BD-R/REs at all, and indeed, when I insert a BD-RE, it says 'Unknown Disc'. My discs are BD-RE 2.1s, but these ought to be OK, shouldn't they?

    Then with DVD+RWs, I get mixed results. It always recognizes these, and always sees the folders present, but for some folders it plays the contained files fine, while for others, it thinks they are empty, and reports 'No content'. For instance, I have a disc with 3 folders, one containing 2 .avis that it doesn't see, and the other two with a .Divx and a .mp4 respectively, which it recognizes and plays just fine.

    I tried a couple of things with the .avis - (i) moving one out of the folder to the root of the disc, in case it didn't like multiple files in a folder; no difference, it still couldn't see either .avi and (ii) copying the two files from the DVD+RW to a USB stick, whereupon the unit saw them just fine, and played them perfectly. So it wasn't the files at fault.

    On another disc, I have a folder with a .mp4, and another folder with several subfolders, each containing a number of .mp3s. On this disc, it sees the whole folder structure, but no files at all. (I have a old Sony home cinema amp/DVD that doesn't like the mix of audio and video on this disc, and only sees the video, but my Sony BDP Blu-ray players see and play both without problems).

    The manual says that the unit will only play DVD+RWs that are finalized, but my Roxio Creators (2010 and 2011) won't finalize these, only DVD-Rs. But Windows (Vista with a DVD burner and Windows 7 with a Blu-ray burner) says they are 'Closed' in their Properties, so they seem to be finalized anyway.

    I looked for a software update on the Philips site - mine is v26, I think - but none was offered, so I presume it's up to date.

    But I'm wondering if anyone can throw any light on whether BD-REs should play or not, and how to get them to do this if so?

    And why the content of some DVD+RW folders plays just fine, and yet in others no content is being detected?
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